8 Millennial LinkedIn Groups to Join Now

Standard career wisdom says you should be on LinkedIn. But what is there to LinkedIn besides keeping an updated profile and connecting with your network? It turns out there are several millennial LinkedIn groups that can help inspire you to use the site in new ways.

LinkedIn groups are great for a number of reasons. Millennial LinkedIn groups can…

  • Provide a support network of like-minded people searching for similar things.
  • Expand your network connections.
  • Give you a space to share your knowledge and expertise.
  • Help you find the right people for your next career move.

But which LinkedIn groups should you spend your time on? Here are eight millennial LinkedIn groups to get you started:

2. The Wall Street Journal Young Professionals Network

The name of this group gives it away—it’s a LinkedIn group created by the folks at the Wall Street Journal’s careers site and education marketing team. With 19,577 members, the only caveat to join this group is that you need to be a Journal subscriber. Once you’re in, you’ll find fellow young professionals from companies like J.P. Morgan, Ernst & Young, and Citi.

3. A Startup Specialists Group – Online Network for Entrepreneurs and Startups

If you’ve got the notion to start your own business, this is the largest LinkedIn group supporting entrepreneurs and budding business owners. With over 177,000 members, this group is for “networking, crowdfunding, mentors, startups, incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurs, founders, inventors, experts, coaches, VCs, angels, investors, new ideas, jobs, self employed, co-founders, small business founders or best practices in the Startup Global Ecosystem.”

7. Project: Get Hired!!

Though not exclusively for millennials or younger professionals, this group is a 4,000 member-strong gathering of job seekers who want to motivate each other throughout the job search process. Find job search advice and support, and share your own in this collaborative group.

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